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Certificate Programs

The Dance Department offers three certificates of study: a general Dance Certificate, a Certificate in Introductory Studies in Dance/Movement Therapy, and a Pilates Certificate. The Dance Certificate and the Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate are each 19 credits. The Pilates Certificate is 20 credits. Students should meet with the Dance certificate advisor, Professor Joseph Koykkar, the Pilates certificate advisor, Collette Stewart, or the Dance/Movement Therapy certificate advisor, Rena Kornblum to discuss their intentions to pursue the certificate. Students must complete a dance certificate application to declare the certificate.

Students will meet with the certificate advisor to review certificate requirements and complete the online declaration form for the Dance Certificate, the Pilates Certificate or the Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate

Undergraduate students in good academic standing, with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher, may declare this certificate. University Special Students who have previously completed any Bachelor’s degree are also eligible and encouraged to pursue this certificate.

Progress and Completion
A minimum of 2.50 cumulative GPA, of all courses combined, must be achieved and maintained in all certificate coursework in order to remain in and successfully complete the program. All courses required by the certificate must be taken for a grade; none may be taken pass/fail, or credit/no credit, or as an audit course.

Online Declaration Forms
Dance Certificate
Pilates Certificate
Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate

Dance Certificate

19 Credits

To qualify for a Dance Certificate, a student must take 2 semesters of Dance technique (either 111-412 Contemporary Dance or 125-425) and apply for admission to the Dance Certificate Program at the end of the 2nd semester of the second techniques classes.

Course Requirements
111-412 Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory, 6 credits
125-426 Ballet Technique, 2 credits
131 Somatic Theory & Practices OR
157 Intro. To Movement Analysis, 2 credits
156 Movement as Material through Improvisation, 2 credits
255 Movement Composition for the Performing & Visual Arts, 2 credits
265  Dance History I: Dance Art from the Renaissance to the 1950’s, 3 credits
Additional techniques,choose 2 credits minimum from:
001 Workshop in Dance Activity (Hip Hop, Taiji); 002-003 Ballroom I and II; 116 Workshop in World Dance Activity; 118 African Dance; 121 Asian American Movement; 218 African Dance Performance; and 321 Javanese Performance

Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate

19 Credits

To qualify for a Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate, a student must take 2 semesters of Dance courses-practice and apply for admission to the Dance/Movement Therapy Certificate Program at the end of the 2nd semester of the second Dance/Movement Therapy course (Introduction to the Dynamics of Dance Therapy)

Course Requirements: 19 credits

 3 credits of Psychology approved options, 3 credits
131 Somatic Theory & Practices, 2 credits
156 Movement as Material through Improvisation, 2 credits
157 Intro. To Movement Analysis, 2 credits
231 Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy, 2 credits
232 Introduction to the Dynamics of Dance Therapy, 2 credits
331 Dynamics of Dance Therapy, 3 credits
431 Dance Therapy Practicum, 3 credits

Pilates Certificate

20 Credits

Course Requirements: 20 credits
135 Pilates Mat I, 1 credit
136 Pilates Equipment Lab I, 1 credit
235 Pilates Mat II, 1 credit
236 Pilates Equipment Lab II, 1 credit
237 Pilates Studio I, 3 credits
330 Functional Anatomy for Movement Practices, 1 credit
336 Pilates Equipment Lab III, 2 credits  
337 Pilates Studio II, 3 credits   
375 Pilates Teaching Methods, 1 credit
376 Pilates Teaching I, 3 credits
476 Pilates Teaching II, 3 credits

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